3 February 2007

Less Happy Stuff

Last night was a little trying. Morgan didn't bring up her wind as well as usual and was really fretting. She was too upset to be winded, but feeding was making it worse, so the two of us spent a couple of hours trying to make her feel more comfortable.

It was heartbreaking, she had never cried like that before, but I guess also that makes me feel pretty good - that until the tummy pain last night she had never worked up to distressed screams.

Oh, also yesterday was a slightly hairy day for another reason. Jenna has decided that she can carry her sister, and the moment I went to make a cup of tea she demonstrated this new idea. Unfortunately, a friend who was staying with us (and who was in the room with her at the time) yelled, and poor Jenna nearly dropped her little sister. :S Both of them were unscathed. Morgan was disgruntled at being moved when she was happy, and Jenna was disgruntled at being yelled at (and was looking at me as if to say, "what's the fuss about mom?"). In fact she managed to say, "It was a yittle bit OK, I had her safe in me yarms!" before bursting into tears.

Since then I've caught her moving Morgan twice, just kind of shifting her gently along a bit to make more room or to prop her with a cushion, stuff like that. I don't really want to stop her, although it sounds dreadful to say it doesn't worry me that much. Morgan isn't that breakable and Jenna supports her head well - obviously I don't want her carrying her around the room but neither do I want to nag and not let her near her in case either Jenna decides that she hates her sister or decides to try to proove to me that it's OK by doing something dramatic!

So far today has been really great. Morgan and I had a bath, and Morgan cried when she had to get out (again) even though she was shivering because the water had gone cold lol. Then we came down to find that Jenna had had her breakfast and was playing with her train track. Morgan had Daddy cuddles and I got to play with my big girl for a bit. :) It's so nice doing things with Jenna again, we get on much better when it comes to Discipline Situations after we've had a morning laughing together.

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