20 February 2007

Some lovely news

This morning Naomi had her longed for baby son. Baby Tristan David made his (eventual) entry into this world at 5.52am after an incredible 48 (and a half) hours of labouring!!

He weighed 6lb 15oz and was born in hospital in the end, apparently when she discharges herself ;) later today we'll get the full story but I gather she wasn't given an option about the delivery LOL. Still, I can't BELIEVE how strong she was through the entire thing.

I spend a happy lunchtime making pancakes with Morgan tucked under one arm, daydreaming of her and her new baby and remembering my first meeting with both of my children. I know every year I won’t be able to fail remembering them, as I did today, making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. My heart was so full!

Today has been a beautiful day, and Jenna is so much better. I can’t wait to have Naomi back and hear her birth story…

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