3 February 2007

Not so great really, but children fine

The last few days have been pretty hard work and very emotional. I’m suddenly feeling very tearful, and Martin and I have been falling out a lot. Things aren’t going so great – and I’m so awful this week I’m not even sure it’s his fault.

I’m not ready to go into all that actually. :( It feels like the end of the world still and I’m not ready to sort it out.

This evening we’ve had a lovely meal out with Dougie and EJ though. Which is a big deal, in the circumstances, and with toddlers that seem to want to try to kill each other most of the time! It was surprisingly peaceful. Except for the random balloon fight – instigated by Dougie but finished most definitely by Chloe (who got time-outed on a chair for getting carried away!). The constant refrain when Chloe does something to Jenna is, “She’s only two, she doesn’t know any better.” But obviously some things step over the line and then the big guns come out.

Nope, I can’t possibly comment. That seems to be exactly my method of dealing with Jenna too right now – ignore it ignore it ignore it WHAM. I really want to stop shouting but I seriously need encouragement, which I only get online, which is harder and harder to get now I’m getting into good habits spending time with both children…

One thing I really don’t think is a discipline issue is food. I know it’s not possible to force a toddler to eat, and that if it is possible with some toddlers it isn’t desirable as a way of getting nutrition into them! On the other hand, I DO wish she’d eat more. I do seriously worry some weeks that she seems not to have eaten anything. She just can’t be bothered with carbs.

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