16 February 2007

An apalling appointment with the GP

I just can't believe the time I've just had at Morgan's 8-10 week examination! AARRRGGHHHHH!!

OK well I *should* understand why it was this bad - the only doctor they could book us with was the same one who 18 months ago told me it was "socially and morally disgusting to breastfeed a child past their first birthday". I don't think I have strong enough words for what I think of her after that (and the fact that in the same appointment as that she told me it was a good job I'd miscarried as two under two would be awful ).

That's just for the record, what kind of doctor this woman is. Well today, first she rowed with me about contraception. We told her we were happy using condoms. Apparently condoms aren't reliable at all *rolls eyes*. "Relying just on the condom will mean you get pregnant again very quickly, it's my duty to tell you that.... As long as you're happy to have another baby right away!" Martin pulled her up on that - he said, "Of course, we'd be delighted to have another baby. Why wouldn't we?!" *grins*

Then we fought about weighing. She said that I absolutely have to have my baby weighed every week to two weeks, and that it is neglect not to bother. She would NOT conceed even that the formula-fed charts are more reliable for formula fed babies than breastfed ones. In fact she got really nasty about it.

She kept saying, "AS a medical PROFESSIONAL...." When I told her that other medical professionals have explicitly told me that constant weighing is more for reassurrance and that there are other factors that better indicate thriving, she said, "Well obviously they must have more knowledge than me, I trained and worked in peadiatrics for eight years before I moved to general practice." I'm seriously going to complain about her this time. It's not good enough. :(

My last peice of news for the day is that Jenna has come back from the In Laws (two nights! I'm so proud, but I missed her SO MUCH!) and she now can't walk. At all. She won't put any weight on her left foot at all, although she says it doesn't hurt. We're taking her to A&E in one moment - because the doctor said there's nothing wrong with her, "she'd be crying if it hurt"! Just because she doesn't complain doesn't mean she isn't hurt, she never complains about anything. :(

And on that note... I'm VERY stressed out now!

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