8 February 2007

Difficult thoughts about being commited to AP

Last week I had an interview to start my volunteer befriending course. Not befriending volunteers… Volunteering to befriend vulnerable families. I was pretty sure I could do it before, but the interview kind of knocked my confidence. The woman clearly thought I was too young and inexperienced, and that I was only interested in helping families like my own. :(

After trying to keep out of rows on the board, I’m actually worried she might be right. I have friends with all sorts of families – and of all ages too – but I do find it hard not to want to help, not to arrogantly think I AM helping… Maybe I should drop the whole thing.

Anyhows, that was Tuesday, and for better or worse I’m going to do the course. No good worrying about it yet.

The last few days I’ve been really tearful still, but at least Martin and I are sorting ourselves out. And we’ve been out a lot so less shouting at Jenna too. We’ve had lots of positivity about the slings though – a few AP families we’ve met around and about. Someone we’ve seen a few times before even commented today that she’s seen three different slings with our family now and she thought *she* was addicted. I didn’t confess to the seven she hasn’t seen. *blushes*

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