17 February 2007

What's up with Jenna's leg

Well... The hospital were really worried about Jenna's ankle - the nurse practitioner who examined her said that very young children are very honest about pain; they can tell you very calmly that they are in agony and can't stand up, but they won't make a fuss in between times to try to get sympathy because it doesn't occur to them! So much for "she'd cry if it hurt" lol.

Anyhows, it wasn't something they could do anything about. Apparently it's ligament damage at the knee, and they won't be able to tell how bad it could be long term until it settles down a bit. We have to go back and see them again if she's limping still on monday in case anything else is presenting by then, but they confirmed that she absolutely needed to be examined properly; they were undecided about whether to x-ray her after she was first seen as she couldn't stand up for a while on friday.

She was walking again yesterday, amusingly limping (we went for a walk and she was carried a lot of the way, but on uneven ground she was a total scream, she couldn't keep her footing at all bless her!). Today she's worse again. :S I'd feel worse for her if it wasn't for the fact that she's now seriously sick as well and I'm more worried about that.

We're just praying she didn't pick up something serious at the hospital. Last night she started throwing up and now she's just sleeping fitfully, her little head burning up. If it isn't one thing it's another eh?

And in other news, Naomi's baby is on his way! Her waters broke this morning. :)

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