19 February 2007

Not much better today

Poor honey is still limping away, but I don't really know whether to be worried or not. I don't fancy the idea of trying to see someone at our GPs as we haven't moved surgeries yet and I'm worried about backlash from our crap family GP. :S

On the other hand Jenna *is* getting over her bug and is way more perky this morning. She managed a tiny bit of toast, a babybel, and a bite of cold pizza for breakfast - what can I say, I was so glad she felt like eating! She feels pretty hot to the touch still but a cold cloth and no clothes has been helping with that. And she slept well. :)

Morgan seems to be having a growth spurt.

And Naomi has been in labour more than 30 hours now!

I'd love to write more, but both girls are crying (Morgan wants more milk, and Jenna wants to play on the computer).

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