14 February 2007

Still a bit unbalanced

I have no idea what's up with Morgan. I'm really worried that she might be seriously ill. She has never cried like this! It's got worse and worse over the last two days until last night she was just crying hysterically and constantly and wouldn't even feed. She's feeding again now but after sleeping really well as usual she's crying again this morning. :(

I know she has a tooth (!) but this doesn't seem like teething. Or much like colic. She is just crying and crying and when I move her she goes ballistic - I've never heard cries like them. Thank goodness she's going to be checked over on Friday anyway, I know that it's likely nothing if she's feeding and sleeping well but everything in me wants to rush her to the hospital. Maybe I should obey those instincts, like I'm always telling everyone else to.

It's Valentine's day! I shouldn't be dealing with this! ;)

Last night I decided that EC was on hold until our guests go home, I'm just missing too many while I'm stressed and struggling and don't really want to be tuned in so much. Tuning in to Morgan doesn't usually mean any sacrifice in parenting Jenna but the last few days I *have* been bad and I want to tune in to my big girl instead and sort out the shouting. No wonder Jen isn't listening to me if I can't be polite about it.

But then last night after I put Morgie in a nappy I knew she had to go a few times - and caught two poos and three wees in the evening when she was yelling. So far from giving up, last night was one of her few totally nappyless night times, and I caught through the night as well. Before when we've tried through the night her pad has got wet, but not this time. I'm kinda proud of that.

Well she's in nappies for better or worse now, but I'll carry on taking her to the potty if I get the urge. It will eliminate misses for a while anyway, and maybe her signals will get clearer if she doesn't want to be in a nappy?

Jenna still has this blinking dummy, but at least today I'm taking the path of least resistance. I need to make friends with her before I start being inconsistant and making sanctions for the sake of sanctions. Why am I so sure she doesn't need the dummy right now? We can decide another day, when I'm not so prone to fly into a rage, cry like a soap actress, and walk out (leaving her with the sainted piece of yellow and red plastic still in her grasp).

Wish me luck for the rest of the week, one way or another I'm going to get through this with my babies (and maybe even my sanity) intact. :)

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