4 February 2007

Relationship is everything

Last night Martin told me that EJ had asked about the nappyless baby (yup, I braved taking Morgan to the toilet while we were at the restaurant). She said that she considered doing it with Aiden, but couldn’t work out when he was signalling. Martin told her that you only really stand a chance if the baby is in your arms ALL the time – I think that might have put her off.

But one thing that struck me, she called it “Potty training from birth”. Is that what they think I’m doing? Like an add-on technique that means I don’t have to potty train? I’m not laughing, honest.

I won’t repeat the same old lecture about it being about relationship. But THAT is the point, and THAT is why I feel bad when I haven’t bothered taking her to the potty all day – because that means I’ve been going for convenience and not responding to what she’s telling me. I’ve tuned out and not cared. And I want to care.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a martyr to it; it’s way way easier than I thought, which is why I’m still playing at it! It isn’t taking time away from other things, it’s just another great way to respond to her. And to learn her language. She has started saying, “AH” before she signals for milk – I can’t believe that she’s already making attempts at “real” talking. I so underestimated babies before now.

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