9 February 2007

Expecting guests and some inconveniences

Evie arrived today with Priya. They were coming next weekend. Then she asked if it would be OK to come a couple of days early. Then she said she was arriving on Wednesday. “But that’s Valentine’s day!” “Don’t worry, I won’t get in the way.” Then she called yesterday and said she needs to get out of the house so she’s coming today.

Martin is too chicken to say no. Actually, I can blame him, but I’m too chicken to say no too. She needs support, and she needs a family who have time for her, and for now we’re it. So even if I know I’m going to get frustrated, I love her and I don’t want her to be fed up many miles away when I could take care of her. Plus she is an appreciative audience for my cooking, and I secretly like having a houseful of kids - I’m counting Martin and Evie in with the kids for this week. ;)

Before Priya arrives and craft is limited to things-that-are-easier-to-clean-off-two-toddlers-and-all-four-walls, Jenna and I are doing some painting. I’ve been brutal in planning just what we can and can’t do this week, and where we’ll all be when, so that we’re not all in the house with nothing to do driving each other nuts. I mean, just being in the house for a whole week with my OWN kids drives me nuts, we all get antsy after a day or so. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as it could be to paint, because I still can’t get Morgan to like being slung on my back. So painting today will last the duration of Morgan’s patience.

If we’re ever going to do more of this stuff, I’m going to have to practice newborn back wraps…

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