5 February 2007

Addition to yesterday's entry

Yesterday I got caught up with writing about Morgan again (lol) and utterly forgot what we had actually done all day, which was all about Jenna (although, yes, Morgan had another day with not one single miss *OBSESSED*). We went to Aoife’s third birthday party, and Jenna had a whale of a time. She adores Aoife so much, and she told me all the way home (in true toddler style) that Aoife is her BEST FRIEND. hehehe

Mind, she also told me today that Morgan is her best friend. Aww. :) She calls her “Morgsie” which she made up all on her own. It’s very sweet, though she’s still struggling with gentle hands. I’ve started having so impose only one-finger-touches when I’m nursing, because otherwise Morgan won’t feed – too worried about getting hurt!

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