22 February 2007

Much better (apart from no money lol)

Literally while I was writing my diary I got the good news. They got home safe and sound yesterday afternoon, and all is well. Naomi seems like her confidence is pretty low but she's doing so great. I just find it so incredible that either healthcare professionals can get it so wrong without there being any comeback, or that anyone could come through all that still so strong!
Today I have seen my first pictures of Tristan, and he is SO beautiful. I can't wait to meet him in real life - reminder to self DO NOT crowd the new mother. ;)

Anyhows, in my life... No news really, apart from the usual screw-ups LOL. JSA stopped Martin's payments again because of a mistake THEY made months ago. So we're broke til the 5th of March. Annndd, well Morgan is really unsettled when she's with her Dad - she's most definatley having a growth spurt. Annnddd, Jenna is over her cold entirely now and she's really bouncy (and eating to make up for four days of eating less than a mouthful of food a day).

Today she helped me with my coursework. Nice. You know when you ask those really dumb questions of a two year old?

Me: "Oh no! Jenna what did you do!"Jenna: "I did a hippoptomus. "

I was actually laughing too much at her honesty, and that she could manage the word "hippopotomus", to be annoyed with her. Ah well, MUST remember to keep the folder out of her reach. I can't even think of it as a discipline issue really, since I didn't tell her not to draw in the folder, and it does look very much like her folder (not to mention the biology colouring sheets inside that must have looked just so tempting to her!). I don't know reallt wether to get new sheets or not even. I wouldn't have thought one measly hippopotumus should lose me too many marks. ;)

And on that note, I have to go and help her. She's dressing up - as me I suspect - in my Diana wrap and my yellow coat!

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