1 April 2008

Weaning, reassuring thoughts

My La Leche League meeting today was wonderful, and I had chance to ask a lot of questions about weaning and whether Morgan is likely to during this pregnancy. I was still feeling shakey about it til today, and now I'm sure that if she isn't ready she won't be persuaded to give up without a fight. If she is ready, it will happen no matter how much I try to persuade her to keep going.

This is a helpful way to look at it for me, and even makes me feel a little more that I couldn't have done anything about when Jenna weaned (I did keep trying to offer frequently and she said no!). I wasn't feeling guilty really, but still had in my head that she might have fed longer if I hadn't been pregnant with Morgan. Now I can think of it more as just how things happened - if I hadn't done any sleep training, if she had never been limited on feeding, if she had had a better latch from the start - who knows?

I'm glad to have fed Jenna as long as I did. I'm glad to be feeding Morgan still and for as long as she wants.

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