30 April 2008

Friends with my Jenna, but Morgan is nursing a lot (argh)

Morgan appears to be trying to double her small complement of tiny white teeth overnight. Today she is grumpy, chewing on anything in sight, and generally wanting to feed on and off in the most irriitating way. I'm starting to feel that I have no real nursing boundaries at all and am just letting her do what she wants. Most of the time I can't see the harm in it but today I'm a bit sick of the gymnastics and messing about and wanting me not to pull my top down when she's done (she cries and tries to pull it back up again and then says "no" and turns her head away when I ask if she's going to actually HAVE any lol).

My energy is reeally dipping in the middle of the afternoon this week. Getting snacks for myself don't seem to be improving the clashes, and there is no chance of me getting a nap at the moment. *sigh* I'm sure it won't last forever, perhaps it's my period showing up or something like that? I guess my body still won't be terribly predictable.

Things with Jenna are still going really well. Last night she told Martin (when she thought I wasn't in the room), "Mummy is my best friend in the whole world. It's nice to be friends."

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