27 April 2008

Potentially no longer car free, and thoughts about birthday presents

Hopefully today we're going to look at a car. It has slowly been taking over our entire waking lives (and probably Martin's dreams as well lol) but now finally it feels like it might actually happen. After two years without a car, we might have one next week! I'm not sure quite how I feel. Pragmatically it makes total sense, we'd spend more just on renting one for two weeks at the end of the summer, it would be good to actually make the most of the National Trust membership and the children love to be spontaneous and go off out somewhere new and exciting at the weekend. I have also been feeling that itch to go off somewhere NEW and a car would improve the chances of it actually happening.

On the other hand I think we've got by without one for so long. And it could be a liability like the other useless machines we've scrapped rather than spend £500 to get a £200 car through another MOT. This car has one running out in November though, so unless it breaks down when we're on holiday the worst that could happen is that my savings have to stretch to a hire car anyway (and Martin will have to give up on the car idea for good lol). I'm willing to take the risk, we have enough savings for holiday to cover both hire car and train home possibilities...

Jenna's birthday seems to be getting closer in spite of my best efforts. She still says she wants a fairy cake, and is full of wanting to look online for presents - we DID already get the silk parachute she's wanted for ages from Myriad. A few days ago she told me that she wants a My Little Pony and said, with a little sigh, "but you won't let me have one - do they sell WOODEN ponies mummy?" So that sorts out my Dad, who can be persuaded to get an Ostheimer horse and rider. Personally I like the unicorn, but I'm not sure it would be a liablity in a house where toys DO get trodden on regularly!

Talking about presents, I've been ridiculously organised and have started making presents for her friends. I won't tell what, because their parents read my diary lol. But I've also already got all of the girls stocking presents, so the only thing left is a main present for their treasure chest later in the day (probably craft things, but perhaps Ostheimer animals if they seem to like the horse). And Morgan's birthday which I'll have to get going on soon, I don't have a lot of sewing time and Jenna has insisted that I make Morgan a proper Waldorf ragdoll like hers.

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