9 April 2008

Clarks actually do sell small sizes!

We borrowed the car again and got me some new maternity jeans (and bras, which had to go back as they really hurt!) but the best news of all is for Morgan. We were in Mothercare when it occured to me that the ladies in THIS Clarks (inside the Mothercare branch) hadn't had to deal with me before and would probably just measure Morgan and not feel the need to debate me. So we went in and got her measured. She's still a three. BUT...

THIS CLARKS STILL STOCK SIZE THREE!!!! Yes, really, all of the flipping NOWHERE I have got trying to tell Clarks they need to stock smaller sizes has been for nothing. SOME branches do. And obviously HQ must have assumed that my emails were saying they should stock teeny TEENY sizes which there probably isn't so much demand for after all. I can't believe it, I'm so annoyed but also relieved. She has some little blue shoes with a butterfly and a dark pink bow, she loves them, they fit better than the ones from Next (which she isn't going to have to wear any more) and we're all happy.

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