11 January 2007

A few busy days rolled into one

Well the last few days have been so busy I'm writing up four days at once! The 8th we had story time at the library, spent some time in town, and held a birthday party for my mum. Jenna helped me cook, and Morgan slept in the pouch the whole time.

9th Jan we spent in its entirety at soft play. It was great to spend some time with another AP family, and Jenna just adores Aoife! They were lovely together, there's never so much as a brief squabble between them. Morgan wasn't sure about the ball pit, but she was perfectly happy to lie in my arms smiling at everyone and charming complete strangers.

The 10th we had Morgan's hearing test. She was meant to be asleep for it, the letter said they wouldn't do it if baby was awake. But Morgan was smiling again and didn't seem bothered by anything, so they said they'd try... And of course she did it again. No-one would believe from seeing her around that she's just the last couple of days been inconsolable from colic in the evenings.

Sometimes the position that makes it better is lying on the hard floor, but putting her down is really hard when she's like that (even though it's what she wants!). The neighbours didn't realise we'd had her until yesterday! That's how different she is for a couple of hours every day now.

After we got back from the hospital Jenna announced that she wanted to stay at Grandma's, so we lost her for a couple of days. I got an excited phone call this morning telling me everything she has been doing, she really didn't want to come home today. She's growing up so much, sometimes it feels like too soon to let go of her this much. She just got back in fact (11th Jan) and the first thing she wanted to do was kiss her sister, who grinned from ear to ear. :)

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