16 January 2007

Thoughts on western medecine

Well yesterday Morgan did only use one “closed” nappy, but I also took her to the potty less than I planned to so we had a few wet prefolds through the day too. Anyhows I’ve relaxed about it again. After all, surely if I start getting to prescriptive about it I’m only going to disappoint myself and/or end up communicating my stress to her!

We still have colds, and the cough that has been lingering is driving us a bit nuts. Poor Morgan – Jenna didn’t even have her first bug until she turned one and cut down on her day feeds. This little cough is heartrending to hear, a pitiful little bark followed by a moan (translated, “I hate this coughing business mum, can’t you fix it?”). Part of having older siblings I guess…

I finally did some reading up on our symptoms though and have got us some Bryonia homeopathic medicine. I am actually totally sceptical about homeopathy; I see very little scientific basis for it and I know that on a molecular level what I am taking is likely made up with pure water that has merely been in CONTACT with the substance in question… However in my experience it also seems to work (or at least Arnica has been so reliable I have a constant supply for toddler bumps!). So just for the sake of doing something, and knowing that it can’t hurt, we’re taking the stuff. :)

I don’t think our case can be a test of any sort mind you, since we don’t take it as often as we should I guess it will take longer to work if it does at all. And who knows if it would have gotten better on its own? Having children and seeing them feeling ill and miserable would make me try anything I knew wouldn’t actually harm them though. It’s a funny business, love.

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