22 January 2007

Today has been an amazing day!

OK, I now confess, sometimes doing EC seems like the most ridiculous thing in the world. Who would even try it? Crazy! Was it working occasionally down to coincidence? And was I having so many misses because *shame of shame* I was NOT TUNED IN ENOUGH? Was I neglecting my daughter to be so lazy about it (and so conflicted some days?!).

Well I have realised something important. It isn't that I'm not "in the present moment" enough or that I don't know my baby well enough. She's just not actually signalling! And timing? What timing? The last couple of weeks it has changed on a day to day basis, because her milk intake is so unpredictable and depends on how long I sling her and how many people are around, etc etc etc.

The only thing I've been able to rely on is my intuition coupled with the thought, "She hasn't been for a while..." When I say intuition I mean that something in my head pops up with, "I should pee her." So I'm sitting there with her and I think, "I should pee her, hmm where did that thought come from? Maybe she wants to go? She hasn't been for a while." And I take her to the loo, and she pees. :)

Up until today I was thinking that this happening was fluke and that I was getting it pretty badly wrong. And I was starting to think I was going to give up and only have her naked a couple of hours a day. But then I realised that my intuition is enough, I'm just ignoring it or questioning it too much. Yesterday it was like, "I should pee her, hmm where did that thought come from? Maybe she wants to go? Or maybe I'm just nuts. This is realy getting to me! Why am I doing this? She hasn't been for a while, maybe this is what they call intuition? Do I REALLY feel she wants to pee? Ahhh, YUP I feel dampness." *sigh*

SO today I decided I was going to take her EVERY DAMN TIME I think like that. And she has peed in a nappy TWICE all day (once at story time in the library where the toilets are miles away, and once because Jenna was on the potty!). Every time I've taken her to the pot she has peed without fail, and I also caught her early morning poo in the toilet. Martin is in shock - I think he secretly thought it wasn't working too. He says it's wierd, but he loves the connection I seem to have with her that I even know when she wants to pee.

The very coolest thing though, is that despite me counting this as our first successful FULL day on EC, Morgan already gets really upset when she goes in her nappy and squirms around yelling (before AND after LOL). And when I hold her over the toilet or potty, she smiles up at me so trusting and happy it nearly breaks my heart. :)

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