25 January 2007

Cutting Jenna's hair

I cut Jenna's hair this morning! It was getting long and straggly at the back, and it's very thin so I hoped to encourage it a little. Also her fringe gets in her eyes, and I can't stand that - when she's struggling to see and always brushing it away, she shouldn't have to deal with that.

Unfortunately, as with having her hair washed, she doesn't like having it cut. But it's one of the non-negotiables. She hates having her fringe in her eyes, and she hates having it cut. So we go for the short term upset of cutting it. And if I have to I hold her down. I hate it, it makes me feel sick and dreadful, but it happens. Sometimes I wonder if that makes me a terrible AP...
On the other hand apparently half of the rest of the world thinks I'm totally permissive. I don't even know where to start with that one.

The Health Visitor thinks we're doing great though - and when I told her about my discipline panic she said that I need to trust myself. She said that Jenna is wonderfully well behaved, and that people are totally intollerant of healthy two year old behaviour and I'm right not to try to crush it out of her. She also said of all the families she sees, Jenna is one of the most advanced and vocal children.

It's lovely having a good health visitor, one who really encourages you to go with your gut and be yourself. But also it's nice to be complimented because, well, people just DON'T. Generally the last thing anyone will do is tell you you're doing a good job, and the fact that it happens a lot to me is definately more testament to the people I surround myself with than to my amazing super-kids. ;)

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