4 January 2007

Quick post

Another day, another diary entry scribbled on the back of a piece of scrap paper. I really did intend to get on every day for a quick update but ah well, I'm sure I'll manage to type this up some time when the house is quiet! Today's update is really just a general life-of-Sarah thing, nothing particularly new is going on with the little ones.

Martin is officially out of work again as of yesterday, which is sad but we're still hanging on to the hope that it won't be for long. Lush would have been so perfect, in fact I'm kind of worried that it was so good nothing else will compare to it and Martin will be unhappy in any new job he gets wheras a few months ago anything would have been better than the unemployment line!

Today we've been to the In Laws, which was nice but a bit of a long day. We seem to be having a few of those. I have to realise, I think, that Jenna isn't actually being a pain at all - because my mother in law has a radar for toddlers playing up. But I still feel like I've spent all day telling Jenna to stop this, stop that, come here, play with your OWN toys. You know those days when everything annoys you? I HAVE to stop getting on at her. :(

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