12 January 2007

I told you so

We have had a major victory. Someone listened to me at our GPs and Jenna finally has an inhaler after a year of me trying to tell our doctors that she has infant asthma. The practice nurse was totally disgusted that we haven’t been taken seriously before (“She’s your daughter, you should know if something isn’t right!”) and marched us right into his office to get a prescription for Salbutamol (for emergencies) and TWO spacers (“So that she can have one to play with and get used to it.”). Thank God for Nurses is all I can say.

Actually it has kind of been a Jenna day all day, since Morgan has been happy and sleeping in the sling a fair bit and has basically been the kind of baby you read about who only wants milk every four hours! We’ve walked, collected seeds from the trees on the park, and made smoothies in three different flavours.

I have an admission, finally – it’s a lot harder then I’d hoped to nurse and type (with a newborn anyhows). I can keep her latched on but only if I hold her, and that means going one handed. I touch type normally! It’s driving me nuts! And it’s not as if the stickler in me will allow spelling errors to slip in there – and I physically cannot leave an errant capitalisation or punctuation mark.

Hence I grab just a minute or two a day to write a diary, but not long enough to keep up to speed on boards. My mum’s due board (the one I look after, not the one I belong to lol) passes me by so fast I reckon there will be mutiny before long and someone suggesting I give up shields. If anyone cares enough to notice how little I post that is… ;)

Today is also Naomi’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN) and blinking hotmail won’t let me email her, it keeps getting returned to me by Postmaster – as if such a person really exists somewhere in the ether. The concept is almost as funny as there really being a lady stuck in that box in Argos, calling numbers all day long. OK so small things, right?

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