24 January 2007

Up and down

Yesterday we were out almost all day again - and once more EC went well enough to really give me one of those parenting boosts (I *am* able to do it!). In fact, the nappy she went out in at 10am came home dry at 3pm, and Morgan used public toilets four times without a hitch. Still not brave enough to forego the nappy altogether!

In the evening though I had a couple of misses - I guess sometimes I get tired enough to think of it as a chore and that leads to the thinking that it can be put off... I've even vocalised it! "One moment, Morgie hun, I'm in the middle of something!" I got a wet lap for my stupidity.

Today we've had no misses again. And Morgan has been fully dressed and fully nappied - I've just undone her to take her to pee. :) Best of all, Martin has caught three times. We've been using Jenna's white potty, which has the advantage that Jenna is now a little reluctant to use it and is asking to use the big toilet. "THAT one got BABY poo in it." LOL!

Oh, before I forget, something happened last night that had me totally unsure whether to laugh or cry. Jenna bit Morgan on the nose. I mean, what kind of child does that?! I was totally blaming myself and feeling awful about it - what a horrible thing to do, is my daughter really the nice child I think she is? But this morning I got a bit of an explaination. Aparently Morgan had bit Jenna's finger (she's teething already) and Jenna thought it would be a good idea to bite back...

We had to have a good talk about biting and why it isn't nice. And how we don't hurt people back even if they hurt us. It really gave me a wobble though - maybe she wouldn't DO these normal toddler things if I shouted/smacked. I have to stop listening to my Dad. :(

My bad news for today on the other hand is pretty unrelated to AP. In fact, I'm really bummed that AP hasn't prevented it! My periods returned this morning, proof if proof were needed that Morgan is supremely laid back and has been sleeping through the night a lot.

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