15 January 2007

Mostly about EC and how we're doing with it

Yesterday was another lovely day. My mum picked us up very early and we went into town for breakfast, then to Church together, and then out for lunch. Two meals out in one day lol! It was just a pleasant, relaxed, family day. It’s always a bit special having time like that with my mum, letting her into our little family unit. Something in me still wants her to approve, and loves that she affirms every gentle instinct in me.

Today I am GOING to pay more attention to Morgan’s potty signals. We have caught three pees today already, and there is no reason she should wear more than one nappy today at all apart from downright inattentive mothering. ;) We’re going to walk to the garden centre later (and taking the buggy to bring a water butt for the garden back in!) so she can have one on then, but I’m sick of making excuses for not doing what I want to do.

To quote the apostle Paul, “I do what I hate.” No exaggeration. I talk big, but I haven’t even bothered taking Morgan to the potty once in the last two days and I really wanted to give EC a fair try.

It was going really well, but it’s kind of a habit that you get into – or not as the case may be. When I’m doing it, paying the extra attention to her isn’t a chore; it’s an enjoyable part of our relationship. But when I *cringes at the phrase* lose interest… Part of it must be because she’s so easy going, I actually can ignore her without any detriment. She’s happy, I’m happy, we all carry on as if there were no new baby in the house. Including Morgan!

Well it might be most people’s dream; a baby that they can go anywhere with, or leave without a squeak, that’s not what I want from my family. I didn’t have kids just to ignore them.

I’m really overreacting to this, I never would have thought I’d care enough one way or the other about nappies to get worked up! Breathe… LOL and don’t hold your breath for a glowing report tomorrow as by lunchtime laziness may well have kicked in again… I’m off to re-read my book again for inspiration. ;)

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