5 January 2007

And a Happy entry

Morgan rolled onto her front last night as we were getting ready for bed! I could see her trying to do it, rocking back and forth on her side and kicking her feet over, and then suddenly she managed it. I can't believe how fast she is, and how advanced. She really does seem more like a two month old most of the time. She sits bolt upright supporting her own head when she's in my arms. And she smiles at everyone, every time someone smiles at her.

Today has been another one of those really long days. In fact, I don't even want to talk about it. It involved banks.

And that leads neatly on to my new year's resolution. I haven't made one for years, in fact I never really bothered with them. But this year I do feel I need one. I want to be more positive, particularly towards Jenna, but in general about our circumstances. It's so EASY to moan. I find I'm quite adept at it, finding the downside to everything. It's so unattractive though, something I can't stand in other people, so I want to stop doing it. Plus, it often comes out with Jenna and I am SO SICK of meaning to praise her and hearing myself nagging instead.

She has been angelic today, a real treasure. This isn't just me trying to find something nice to say, she really has been great. We were in town five hours, two of those sitting in an office trying to persuade someone to remove some ridiculously expensive bank charges on Martin's account. She barely complained. She has just been a sunshine, smiling and chatting and cheering us all up no end. Sometimes I just look at her and well up - those warm mushy feelings that have been a tad absent the last couple of months.

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