17 January 2007

Garden plans and will Jenna sleep over?

I have grand garden plans. I’m not a green-fingered person by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve always thought that green spaces are so vital to little people. So I really want to get it right.

Or course when I say, “Grand Plans”… I really mean that I want to not kill at least 50% of what I plant, and I’d like to actually have something worth harvesting this year as far as organic produce is concerned! Last year I managed to grow lettuce, until my wonderful but even *less* green-fingered hubby MOWED over the top of it trying to cut the grass. This year we’re aiming rather modestly for just carrots, chives and peas.

Jenna is going to stay with my in-laws tonight. So far she has gone with bags packed more than a few times, saying she wanted to stay, but it’s just been the wrong time. At least now I know I can trust them to always bring her home when she wants to come. Each time she gets a bit more confident, and learns to trust them herself just a little more, so maybe this will be the time she manages it. It would be so exciting for them but I don’t want to push it, she’s only little after all.

But obviously the guilt you take on, on your kids’ behalf… She has stayed two nights with MY mum, as she sees her almost daily and is totally at home with her!

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