20 January 2007

Argh no! Normal newborn behaviour!

Last night we had a bad night’s sleep. This would be noteworthy in very few newborn diaries! It was almost certainly because she had slept almost all of Friday in the sling (at the funeral) so her routine was off! She usually has a long awake period in the evening just before bed, and nurses almost the whole time – sometimes it’s even a colicky time now too and she will fuss to be put down on her tummy or to be rocked… But she was even sleepy through that – such is the magic of the sling.

Whatever the reason, she wasn’t sleepy at all and wanted to smile at me and play. Every time I lay her down, even in my arms, she cried! It took a few hours downstairs before she was showing the slightest sign of being tired. But she still wouldn’t let me lay her down. So, unable to find any of our many wraps in the dark and having got the Mei Tai out yesterday to try it (and then forgetting), we had our first play.

I have to say that I love it in a way I never thought I could love anything except a wrap! It was easier than getting Jenna into it when I first made it, and it felt really nice. It had pretty narrow straps so I expected it to be more of a pain. Plus it is so light – I think it will be great for the summer. :) It looks gorgeous too, but then the reason I made it in the first place was the pretty little panel of fabric I found!

I’ve been keeping Morgan busy today, in the hopes that the strange reversed night/day thing won’t happen again. So I haven’t been wearing her, I’ve been face to face with her on my knee every time I sit down (and disturbing her too take her to the potty or mess with her clothes or change her pad or just hug her every time she dozes more than a few minutes!). It’s worked pretty well actually, though obviously she’s grizzly and tired from her all-nighter. The antics we go through to try to get as much sleep as possible…

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