17 January 2007

Newborn check - or not

Today we managed to miss Morgan’s birth check. Again. First I was told that my GP would come out to us following the home birth. Then I was told to fill in her registration and after that had been processed I could make an appointment for it. Then I was told I didn’t have an essential “additional” form that our surgery gets people to fill out (with exactly the same damn information as the official one!) and I had to do that first. Then I was told that THEY would call ME with an appointment time.

Then we waited a week (making Morgan nearly a month old by then) and called THEM having had no contact. In fact, to make sure we were heard Martin went into the surgery in person and stood over the woman as she entered Morgan’s details into the system. Nope, they hadn’t got round to registering her!! Well of course he asked to make an appointment and they said they’d never had this situation before so they’d ask the GP whether he wanted to see us and call with an appointment. Our pathetic excuse for a doctor must have thought we meant she needed a six week check though, because we had no phone call. I only finally got an appointment after yet another phone call (and the receptionist telling me that it was *my* mistake and we “must have just got our wires crossed”).

And then we took just a little too long getting ready this morning, left the house five minutes late, and arrived at the surgery to find they’d cancelled our appointment as a no show. :(
I don’t even know if I can be bothered to go through it all again! We see the HV in a week for Morgan’s 6-8 week check so I’ll ask her if it’s worthwhile I think… The only things that she wouldn’t be able to diagnose would be a heart murmur or a clicky hip. It’s so hard to know whether it’s worth being a nuisance or not sometimes, I mean you want what’s best for them but if you doubt that your GP has the first idea what that might be… Where do you go?

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