4 February 2008

Potty learning again already?

I'm still pretty tired, though I've been getting four hours more regularly. But I'm also on a real food kick, thanks to the little bit of extra sleep (and extra energy) - all making pasta and bread and soup and such things. I'd love to be in the position of just not buying anything pre-made, but that still seems like a big step. It would be great to stop buying stuff I know I can make though!

Morgan just asked me to change her nappy, her first EC action in months. She was squirming and asking for up and then down again so I offered her milk. She shook her head at me, gave me a funny look and pointed at her nappy. It was as if she was saying, "silly Mummy, down HERE!"

Anyhow once I cleaned her she leant over and gave me a kiss, proper pursed lips (which she only started doing yesterday) and I can't believe all of a sudden that she's so big. Time to buy a potty and show her how to sit on it - she's walking and cares when she's dirty and hopefully she'll like the idea as much as Jenna did. I think Jenna was 15 months when she started wanting to be naked and took herself to the potty for wees. :)

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