22 February 2008

Thoughts on a new sling list, and girlie friends far and near

When Morgan came back last night I had really noticed how long she had been gone and how full I was - it has been a long time since we last had an eight hour feed interval. She fed for half an hour when she got in and went straight to sleep on my lap, leaving me to hang about online far too long and look at yet more slings.

I had a mental list of perhaps a zippy meitaibaby and a ball baby overall, to which I've added a napsack just because (maybe in place of the BBO). I would love a long soft Didy, a 7, something plain blue like aqua waves or petrol nino. I have also kept going back to the GMBB Morgaine. Now I also really like Girasol Pacifica and Rainbow (old rainbow, earthy rainbow, anything lol). That list can't possibly be realistic, and I just can't choose - even though everything together would be a ridiculous £400 and far out of reach. *sigh*

Anyhow on more rational subjects, I decided to try to make myself something like the BBO just in case that convinced me to strike it off my list on usefulness grounds (or even possibly on I-already-have-this-one-and-love-it grounds). I chose from my lovely fabric stash some complementary zany stripes and flowers, and cut out all the bits. I even managed to utilise some bits I'd already hemmed so that cut down the work a lot. Then I spent two hours cursing the machine while Morgan slept on my friend Sam!

It seems to be a problem with the motor belt or the needle set-up so it isn't even something I can fix (the parts seem to move smoothly when I do it manually but the threads don't catch and the needle doesn't operate when the motor is running). I am feeling really fed up from not being able to do anything about it, and as a result of that have also totally neglected tea.

Jenna came home in the afternoon and we've been fine since then really (nagging feelings of irritation at the unfinished mei tai notwithstanding!) and my friend has gone home. We had a really interesting conversation setting the world to rights awnyhow, starting with the Jordan/SMA scandal and working up from there. It's nice to know that even when their lives don't have a lot in common with mine right now, we can still be on the same wavelength and they don't find my opinions offensive (as childless working women who aren't planning families yet if ever).

My circle of women, all kinds of different people with all kinds of different lives. And they care about me enough to talk on subjects of parental rights and food safety law and the best way to boost breastfeeding rates! They care enough to be here at all, when Derby isn't for many of them home and my home isn't in any way on their route. It can be good to belong.

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