29 February 2008

A good night out... Glucose tollerance test?

Last night I went to the cinema for the first time in about three years! Martin had the girls, and Lorraine, Emma and Sam all came over to head off for the night. It doesn't really matter what we watched (National Treasure 2 lol) but we giggled and ate ice-cream and basically pretended to be 17 again for a while.

It was strange, although I missed the children a little, I was more distracted from moping than I thought I'd be. Of course as soon as we got out of the cinema I asked everyone to turn phones back on to see if there was an urgent message from home! Maybe I shouldn't have left it so long, shouldn't have worried so much. But Morgan is much more fretful in the evenings that during the day, so leaving her for befriending has been simple compared to the stress of being away during her peak feeding period.

Naturally Morgan fed all night, so I'm feeling tired today. The knock on from that is feeling dizzy and sick, but I haven't actually *been* sick still which is good. I'm also hungry constantly, and not usually for anything healthy. The knock on from that is that although I had decided to refuse the GTT I now might take it, because I'm eating cake and all sorts of other things I shouldn't be and wouldn't normally want! Perhaps I'll just wait and say I'll only do it if there's any sign of trouble...

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