19 February 2008

Some happier thoughts about the pregnancy

I had such a great conversation last night, really wonderfully encouraging. A friend called, one of those away at university, and was delighted at our baby news. She is training to be a doctor and has just been out with the community midwives as a counterpoint to the emergancy and other hospital births she attended recently. So she was full of the wonder of the female body and positivity about birth. This friend is totally my favorite doctor, she has a really refreshing attitude of trust towards people and their innate knowledge of what their bodies are doing.

And she believes in birth. For saying that her job is the things that can go wrong, she is a very good person to talk to about natural birth because she can seperate the two and it hasn't turned to FEAR of the things that can go wrong. She was even laughing at the idea of late scanning to check position for home birth and declaring that she would be confident about a breech baby being born safely at home if there were no other complicating factors.

That and still reading lots of birth stories, I'm really fired up about actually having this baby. I can't entirely get rid of the feeling that I'm going to struggle or that having another bad pregnancy would be impossible with these two children here... But I'm definately coming to terms with the idea of the end result, that I'll go into labour and birth another baby and once it's here I won't be able to imagine otherwise. Oh, and I'm also irresistably drawn to looking at slings again - I've decided that I need another Mei Tai or an Onbuhimo, and maybe another woven wrap, so that I can easily keep slinging Morgan too. Or course should it be twins my list will be longer, another two woven wraps (one Didy one GMBB), another stretch, maybe a Mei Tai too...

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