25 February 2008

On an even keel once more!

Jenna is totally back to normal and so am I. No more symptoms to report but I'm still drinking lots of peppermint tea and eating little and often in paranoia that I'm going to be seriously sick any day now. And I'm officially driving my longsuffering husband crazy with talking about slings. I think it's probably the worry about what comes next - ie the actual purchasing of slings! Of course the actual budget isn't there yet, which is a good job otherwise the whole lot would have been blown on a Sakura Bloom rainbow stripe silk ring sling which I would probably have been too scared to use anyway.

Morgan has stopped biting me when she's falling asleep, and started occasionally biting when playing. She bit me on the shoulder last night, while giggling and licking me. I said "OW" and held her off at arms length looking shocked. I think she was a bit worried about being told off, because she squirmed and did the toddler shy don't-be-cross-with-me snuggle into my neck. It's such a sweet little maneuvour. No doubt she realises how irresistible I find it. :)

This afternoon the two of them have been playing properly together. This is a new take on one of them meddling in the other one's game, as Morgan actually started this one and they are both role-playing alongside each other. It's strange, to think of Morgan as a baby still (although she is in some ways) when she does so many Big Toddler things. Morgan just offered Jenna a kiss, then pinched a teacup quick while she had the chance. Uhoh, now Jenna is trying to make Morgan lie down and "be a baby" which obviously isn't going to happen. I told her to let go and let Morgan play how she wants to, and that seems to have simmered them down a bit... They always seem to come to this point just before naptime when they can't leave each other alone any more but both need space.

Oh, and today I wore the frankenkozy I was making yesterday on Emma's sewing machine (I'm jealous, it's a fab machine). It was really very comfortable round town all morning, and I love having the choice of two nice (bright, zany) fabrics. I had two people ask where I got it from too, always nice. Sadly in all this I forgot that the gas inspection man was coming for his yearly visit, so we arrived home from out New Sling outing to find him driving away. *sigh*

And in similar council efficiency related news, the letter we had yesterday threatening baliffs if we didn't pay outstanding council tax from the house we moved out of three years ago turned out to be a mistake (!) The landlord hadn't notified anyone that he was liable for the council tax after he evicted us (obviously!), and even though we were rehomed in a council property they hadn't put two and two together. They actually owe us £20! :)

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