23 February 2008

What on earth is up with Jenna?

Yet another cute Jenna statement. She picked up my shoes for me and just for a moment I could see her raising her arm as if to throw them to me. Then she stopped, looked a little pensive, and said, "I don't think I should do that, they might bonk Em-dog - or a tortoise."

Morgan has asked for her nappy off a couple of times this week, sometimes because it was dirty and sometimes because she wants to pee. She has been fine going on the toilet but doesn't like the potty at all. That will teach me to try to save money by buying a cheap one. She makes the cue sounds when she's going, which is very funny. False alarms ensue in the bathroom however when she decides that she's going to make the cue noise constantly for no other reason than that she can SEE the toilet therefore she's thinking about peeing! Also last night she had a little accident on the landing as I was taking her to the loo. She looked around, grabbed a towel, and wiped up after herself. :) I was so pleased!

This morning w've been shopping and Jenna has just been - insane. I hate to describe her like that but she has been all over the place. The second I let her go in the supermarket she ran off (we lost her twice) and when I put her in the trolley she threw herself around, grabbed things off shelves, opened packets, pulled things out of the trolley and threw them on the floor, and grabbed a huge courgette from the fridge which she took a large bite out of. I didn't know what to do with her but I thought that staying calm with her and just not giving her any chances to cause further trouble was a good enough start.

Then we got home. She was fine for half an hour before she started running around again and laughing at nothing. After breaking an ornament she was told that if she couldn't calm down it would be nap time early as she was clearly hysterical.

She then took the plate she had just eaten the sandwiches from, put it on the floor, calmly stepped on it and cracked it. When she saw the crack she jumped up and down laughing and smashed it to pieces - it was a gift from her great grandmother and not something we can replace, she has never acted destructively towards anything, especially not something so precious to her. She didn't care - even when I said that I was upset that the plate was broken and that now it couldn't be mended. The urge to do something to MAKE her care was pretty strong.

So upstairs she went, but I doubt that it's the end of my trying day. While supposedly napping I have heard her out of bed a few times. I could hear her wrecking her room but I have no energy left to deal with it and have been throwing up for the past couple of hours. I had no morning sickness until today and I've just got so stressed with her.

She's meant to be going out with my mum as a treat too but I can't trust her to behave if she's like this. I just can't think what could have caused it, or what benefit she can see to acting this way. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened and she's eaten nothing more suspicious than cheese on toast.

I wish I knew where to go from here.

Edited to add that in consultation with the grandparents we have discovered that she has been fed YAZOO and FANTA over the past two days. She is officially banned from food colourings on pain of never seeing her again. Extreme but necessary I feel - if she's give things when I'm not around to see the reaction how can I know what she is and isn't OK with? They said that they had thought she was "acting a bit nuts" but didn't think to say anything...

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