13 February 2008

Abstract learning and long walks for little legs

Today Jenna saw a picture of some men falling off a boat - her response was, "I hope it isn't warm water, or there might be a crocodile." Another example of something that she has learnt from only one telling and no explicit teaching, after asking about what lives in the local river. I am so astounded with that kind of critical thinking, it just goes against what I still feel small children are capable. Maybe by the time Morgan is three I'll have a little more grasp of how incredible they are, how wise and thoughtful and interested and knowledgable. I guess I'll underestimate her in much the same way from time to time.

We just took em-dog for a walk, we're looking after her for my mum which is something we couldn't have done if the chickens were already installed. At least we finally know the reason for that; too much interest from fans of Jamie Oliver! When I told mum about it Jenna piped up with the information that, "Jamie Oliver is a cooker." She likes the Jamie at Home stuff, assimilating stuff about gardening and food crops that would never have interested her had it been me talking. Anyway, all one big aside.

The point is, Morgan walked all the way. Anyone who tried to assist her was flapped off and jabbered crossly at. She was going to do it herself and she was not going to ask for help or allow the indignity of being carried. She was just so determined! We had great fun, with her little blond head bobbing in and out of passageways and gates with Jenna in persuit nagging her not to get lost. The cold air should certainly mean they are ready for bed early tonight.

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