15 December 2009

A Weekend

Kim, Jack, and Luke came to stay. We had mayhem and chaos, fun, chocolate, a houseful of people, blissful sleep, a lot of laughter, babies underfoot, and at least one broken toy (mended swiftly with a spot of glue, you'll be pleased to know).We went visiting too, having all decided that in no way were we getting up in time for the Christingle service at Church, we went with a DIY approach. And a lot more chaos, mayhem, and fun.Em and I have a running joke about educational outcomes. Em was working as a TA until Connor's arrival, and reading through the goals set for the tinies under her care there was one aim that stuck out. They should, officially, "experience awe and wonder." Yup, I can go with that. Here are our little crowd, fulfilling important educational criteria.Is that not Awe and Wonder? :)Of course, as always, we have sent our friends home ill. Somehow we always manage to give them something. (Sorry Lukey! Sorry Kim!) Ten minutes before they went home, Rowan threw up EVERYWHERE (we were in a toy shop, and she sicked right into a big pile of expensive sparkly paper gift bags - the shop owner ran to get a towel and started trying to clean the *baby*, I am so touched and humbled by such kindness). Jenna is now poorly too, bless her, and won't let us cuddle her "in case I make you sick". :(

Other news for the day, mincemeat for yummy home made mince pies is all ready to go! Also, we finally got to the post (well, Martin did) so people expecting things will be blaming Royal Mail henceforth if said items don't arrive. And I have nearly (so nearly) finished making those last Christmas presents. :)


  1. Hope everyone feels better, but it did look like your weekend was fun before that!

  2. It was such a lovely weekend! :)

  3. Oh how lovely! Really makes me wish I was there, looks like you had so much great fun with all the kids. Aw, such special times! But I suppose I can't complain too much, I had a busy, friend filled weekend too, but just totally different!


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