10 December 2009

Deeply disturbed and saddened

I know, it says something about my life if I spend time worrying about perfect strangers. It also probably marks me out as a total fool, since the person I'm worrying about was supposed to mail me a package THREE MONTHS ago and it has yet to turn up. Yet somehow it's easier for my mind to go into "oh God, something happened to one of their wee ones" than into "drat it all, I've been cheated".

Without being too specific, I'm very sad. :( I really want this parcel to show up, because I spent money on it and because it's beautiful. However more than that I want to know if this person is OK. I've been practically worrying myself to tears about it, as stupid as that is.

If I think about it any more, the tears (and the headache) are going to come back. If I wasn't so trusting I would have had the money back from paypal three weeks ago, before it crossed the threshold for transaction date for disputes. But none of that is nearly so important as that random stranger on the internet. And how much I wish I knew they were OK.


  1. How sweet of you to wonder if they're okay! I'm on this website swapmamas.com and some of the women on there are awful and assume they're being cheated rather than wondering what hardships are going on in the other person's house. I hope they are doing okay and you get your package eventually!

  2. It might just be that the post is rubbish - that's a certainty, anyway! Can't you contact them via email if you have the emaill address from PayPal?

  3. It could be caught up at customs even, but three months is so long (will be four months soon lol). Plus, all their trading accounts have been disabled - which may just mean they've had no internet for a while, but is still so worrying. :S :(


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