21 December 2009

Bright Yule Blessings

We had Christmas pudding for breakfast. Well why not? It's the sugar/wheat free one too, and I only used one egg in this and it rose a LOT so I think it probably would be fine just with baking powder though a bit less rich. Any vegans wanting to test out a vegan version for me? ;)Already found our log, though we still haven't decorated it (too many things to do so far and an unwanted interruption already too)!So much excitement! It is a beautiful crisp day, and I won't let our celebrations be ruined by the LEA. The more I ponder on the wheel of the year and meditate on this great living clockwork, the more at peace I feel with my inability to control the intricacies of daily life. Today, before I was rudely shaken out of it, I felt such a great moment of clarity and peace with this moment, this short perfect day. And whatever God has waiting for me in the seasons that follow.

We went for another walk to get a lot of sticks and pine cones (and alder cones) to paint silver for the table. I'm enjoying today after all. And planning a lovely big casserole with cracked wheat and all the remains of this week's veg box. There is always joy to be found, if you know where to look.Plus, just after our visitor left, a parcel arrived from Myriad with Christmas presents from my in-laws and my dad... And that has a remarkable power to restore my sense of the magic of life and the wonders of the universe.


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm glad your day got better.
    I need the recipe for vegan christmas pudding, we haven't made any and Ash loves it!

    Gina xx

  2. http://www.thegreenparent.co.uk/forums/viewthread/8887/ Here it is - I'm told to make it rise a bit more without egg, just add a spoon of vinegar. :) This last one I made I halved the ingredients and just kept adding whatever else I felt like until the mix looked like runny cake batter! Mmmm goji berries!

  3. Have found you via Gina. Well done for coping with unwanted visitor. when we home edded our older girls we had a good rapport with LEA but that was before latest Gov guidelines and clap trap!!
    Am pleased that your day ended in a brighter frame and that you found the Lord's hand in the little things.
    blessings to you all, San

  4. Lovely to meet you, San. :) Thanks for the encouragement!


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