4 December 2009

More wintery crafting

We did indeed get around to glittering snowflakes yesterday.Not before breakfast, with added popcorn and cranberries as we made a garland. In fact, why not dedicate this entire post to Joxy. Thanks for sharing the crafty fun!We also used up most of the sticky dots, and two tube of glitter glue. The baby helped, as usual, by crawling through the middle of the whole lot right as we finished with the glue. Sparkly baby! Morgan's was the squished masterpiece:
Jenna: Oh no! Oh... MORGAN, I'm SO SORRY. Don't be sad, you can have mine!
Morgan: Me not sad. It OK, it not broken!The big trees were just for the process. These little ones are for adorning cards (four this year, see, for as last we have tempered our No Card policy with an Oh Well Can't Win 'Em All one).What else... Um, I got fresh cranberries last week and we made sugar free cranberry sauce yesterday afternoon. I'm still not entirely used to the idea of sweetening with fruit juices and agave, so I wasn't convinced it wouldn't be too sour to eat. It's gorgeous, and I wish I had more cranberries to make some for gifts. I used a bit of the sauce in the middle of a batch of flapjacks (also sugar free lol) and we had them for supper.The baby wasn't offered any, but she nevertheless managed to find a plate of crumbs to hoover up with great gusto. I'm sure she is the earliest of mine to master using the finger-pinch grasp on such tiny morsels of food. She has handled rice with ease for over a month now!

And on the topic of sweet treats, today we went totally the other way and used bought sugary icing to finish off snowflake shortbread.Now, if only I could turn the impulse to do kiddy crafts into the one which would force me to confront my tardiness on the actual present-making...


  1. It all looks such wonderful fun! Blimey, if you managed making presents as well as all that I would be worried whether you were actually getting any sleep at all!

  2. Haha sleep? Rowan is sleeping latched on at the moment, so none of that for me. Two days of crafting and baking have just about kept me from squishing anyone though. ;)

  3. wonderful crafting going on there! :-)

    I love the trees too! Yes I'm being a tad tardy too.. especially considering its less than 20 days to Yule! eeep.

    Still got my season swap to make too!

    And oohhh, great idea with the trays for glittering! I shall have to pick up some from the poundshop! I've been sweeping the stuff up for weeks now!


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