7 December 2009

Book Sharing Monday - Father and Son

Our very very favorite Christmas book.Father and Son by Geraldine McCaughrean.

Narrated by Joseph after the nativity, "after the shepherds had hurried back to their sheep", as he questions what kind of a father he can be to such a child. The questions he asks, so beautifully and evocatively voiced by this talented author, are sometimes the questions that many parents have asked themselves. "Mine and yet not mine, he whispered."Some questions are simply and lyrically breathtaking. "What lullabies should I sing to someone who taught the angels to dance and peppered the sky with songbirds?" Joseph wonders, "What shall I pass down to you...? Not so much as the colour of my eyes."
"That's what I'll be - God willing. A helping hand." And Joseph continues to watch over his baby, while his God watches over him.


  1. Wow that sounds great. I have been looking for a book to get the tornado and this might be just the one.

  2. The illustrations look lovely.


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