5 December 2009

Presents making seriously underway

As you can tell, my attitude has slipped into "forget the living room, I am SERIOUSLY behind"! Yesterday evening I tried to do a bit of present making with the baby asleep on my lap. I also popped her down briefly to do some tidying up, but didn't even get close to hoovering. I'm not sure whether Morgan is avoiding bits of stray popcorn and fluff here, or sharks. She SAID sharks, but it hasn't yet got so bad that I could miss a full grown shark in the living room. Perhaps it was invisible. Such things, after all, are supposedly quite common in this house.I did, on the other hand, make bread for our lunch. First time in over a week! And it was good.During the afternoon, I was feeling a little bit stressed, so sent Martin out for a walk with all three of the girlies and got on with finishing off the most soon-to-be-given gifts. I did these cloaks for several small girls (such a shame you can't see in the picture, I'm so proud of the really neat machine embroidered ribbon - it has a purple vine pattern) and a couple of grown up bracelets.When they all got home we went out to a fourth birthday party, which was lovely. The girls were absolute stars, and Morgan got the chocolate from Jenna's layer of the pass the parcel AGAIN. I'm so ridiculously proud of them when we have such a great time in what ought to be a high-stress scenario. I try not to make a fuss, as a) it's patronising and irritates them, b) it's counterproductive - and also c) I don't want them to see being pleasant to people as extraordinary lol. I dunno, I'll stick with the very wise advice to take neither too much of the credit or too much of the blame. Still, it's lovely to be around them on days like this. :)

In other news, Rowan ate absolutely masses tonight. I don't know where this baby is putting all this food, because neither of the others ate much at all at this age. She's even lost some of the chubbiness around the face since her episode of sickness last week. Must be a growth spurt, but if so it's a very peculiar one in my book, last night was the first night she slept in between feeds (as opposed to the wonderful sleeping-latched-on game).

About twenty gifts left to make... Not tonight though, I'm hoping for the magical sleep to happen again.


  1. Maybe she's eating so much since she's more on the go now? You're not the only one seriously behind with present making - I am too!

  2. Hope you get a good sleep tonight :) It really is tough to keep a tidy house, tend to the kids, and prepare for the holidays ... phew! I'm tired just thinking about it.

  3. I am ridiculously behind and I had a gulp moment when it dawned on me it's a week to Yule.

    Hehehe, a shark eh. ;-)

  4. Forget sleeping get crafting girl! ;-)

    Charlotte xx


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