7 December 2009

Dolls, crafts, Christmas and fairies

I've made more Christmas presents. Some I can't show you (aw, and was quite excited about showing off as usual, but obviously have to keep the satisfying element of secrecy intact) but these I can, because the recipients are too small to care about surprises! The grey matrioshka baby is for Connor, and the handkerchief doll is Rowan's (there is another of those in similar colours for another baby too, told you I'd been busy). I love making Waldorf dolls, although my enthusiasm frankly outstrips my ability in this area.I've also done embroidery, further doll making with wool scraps, and yes Izzy I've done the blackberries I promised you I just have to go post them. No swap item yet, it's ridiculous how I'm putting this off given I need to post that too. The children have done more glittering of things, finished some cards etc. We're feeling really Christmassy. :)

Also, today I ordered two new dressing up outfits. Jenna has wanted a mermaid costume forever and my attempts were frankly rubbish, so I have the one from Susumama (and a red fairy dress for Morgan) for a fancy dress party we're supposed to attend next week. Any excuse. ;)


  1. The dolls are gorgeous, I'll have to give them a go sometime, maybe when I'm next in Derby, you can give me a few pointers. Can't wait to see photos of the girls in their fancy dress. :) Love to you all.xxx

  2. You make so many beautiful things, and it's certainly a cross between an inspiration and a kick up the backside for me! :)


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