22 December 2009

Snowy week

Assorted leftover photos, just because. The dusting of snow we had here was more than a dusting by Sunday. The girls played in the car park before Church. Though the highlight of that day was still when Martin came back from the children's groups with Morgan in his arms, and Jenna marched ahead of them right up to kneel at the communion rail with Martin's dragon hat still on. We were practically falling off our pews laughing, but loving her sweet innocent confidence at being accepted as she is.In honour of the snow, the girls set up the little wooden village in a tray and I got out the dessicated coconut.Then more process-oriented art as we used up the coconut. Well, none of us really likes *eating* it. I cut out paper shapes and gave them a lot of glue and the remains of the tray of edible "snow".Though Rowan seemed to hoover up plenty...Our season swap came (thankyou Laura, they are SO lovely) and ours nearly didn't make it out in time until we realised who our recipients were and that we KNOW them - so Martin popped out to drop them off in person! The girls have been playing lots of gnome games with their gifts lol and they accompanied us on a walk this morning! I don't think we'll get to put them on the season table at all.Last night I got some funny pictures at the table, typical dinner time photos for our house so I'll let them go uncommented... Except to say that Rowan is the first of my babies to truly embrace weaning like this - she is eating masses!Jenna's art is the only sign that we never truly embrace the cold. She is drawing picture after picture like this, as if to try to call the flower fairies back sooner by the longing. I love this one so much I think I'm going to have to embroider it onto something.


  1. BLW with a baby who likes to eat is great isn't it? Ellie was (and still is) like that, you can rely on her most of the time to eat whatever you give her. Tristan on the other hand, is a different story.

    Sounds like you've had a good week so far :) x

  2. Mmmm, I do love your photos. I've popped a little something in the post for you guys; just a few bits and bobs sent 1st class but will be after Christmas the lady said now. Have a few other bits too but haven't finished those ;-)


  3. Jenna's drawing is really beautiful..

    Willow is a big eater too, she had her first taste of fruit at 8 and half months and after that, there was no stopping her!

    Ilove your family pictures, beautiful!

    Gina xx

  4. Lovely snapshots of an inspiring child led week. Love the BLW photos!! Pip is the only one of ours to be baby led, my Dad still can't resist the urge to " Help her along!" She usually sets him straight though!!
    God Bless

  5. Your season swapees LOVED LOVED LOVED their season swap ;-)

    Thankyou xxxxxxxxxx

  6. I'm so glad, Charlotte! I can't believe I spent so long in a panic about getting out to post it, leaving without the parcel, thinking "argh now it will be late no matter what" and then getting it there on time anyway!


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