18 December 2009

Very tired

Made a MAJOR lapse in judgment today and took children out in the bitter cold many miles from anywhere with no busfare or phone. Thirty seconds on they all start crying and saying it was tooo cooold (in spite of four layers, gloves, hats, scarves, everything) and another thirty seconds later Morgan announces that she has done a wee in her wellies.

More on this another time, when it has stopped being distressing and started being funny. She managed half a mile in wet wellies by the way, and almost turned into a little toddler icicle, before Martin came to pick us up in the car mercifully early (and also mercifully alert enough to spot us trudging towards him through the frozen long grass along the side of the road).

Also today, Dad's group party (loud but largely a non-event for me, as not being a Dad I wasn't invited). I stayed home and cuddled the baby, curled up on the sofa as warm as two happy nursing bodies sharing a blanket can be.

The only other thing of note I have to say before I collapse somewhere is that if you have TV or use the computer to access it, go watch the dancing on BBC Four. I've missed watching performances like this SO MUCH since college. I must start dancing again. It's like meditation. Or prayer.

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  1. Oh poor Morgan , I've been there ( well they weren't my wellies filled with wee ..but you know what i mean!!) Hope you are all snuggly and warm now!

    Charlotte xx


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