19 December 2009

Keeping warm!

Yesterday, when we weren't turning the children into icicles...We shopped at Croots for our last bits of Christmas dinner, had a fantastic chille for lunch with Em and Chris, and then the older girls went out with Martin for a while (and came back with chocolate, which is being saved for making real hot chocolate next time we take a winter walk). We started some more paper lanterns, and did more glittering of paper trees. Other ordinary marvelous events include stories, cosy blankets, family art time, and a wonderful parcel came from Gina (how utterly gorgeous everything is, you know us so well - as you can see, Jenna co-opted the scarf immediately for our disastrous walk)!Today I have made felt "paper" chains, more Christmas pudding, and glittery bath bombs. We also dried some orange slices for the (blissfully overdecorated) tree.Tomorrow, fudge and bath melts!


  1. Glad to hear you recovered from your cold walk - love the photos of Jenna and Rowan, they are wonderful. Hugs
    Clair xx

  2. Oh, I love the pictures of big and little sister!

  3. Aaahh, glad it arrived safely and was enjoyed!

    Lovely photos as always xxxx

  4. lovely cuddly photos , and your tree looks great x


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