2 December 2009

Decorations and other stuff from today

Today we took a walk to the shops to get some sticky dots (what is wrong with the world when craft shops only sell stickers with "well done" and "good job" written on them?!) for another craft activity. I'm trying to make life easy for myself with the whole Christmas making thing, by preparing stuff in advance that takes very little involvement on my part. That way they get seasonal crafting, and I maybe (hopefully) get to finish the last few presents!

While we were out we discovered that the little greengrocers we were so unimpressed by last time have started marking the country of origin of all their produce and now stock almost all UK (and a lot of it local) fruit and veg. We weren't really in need of anything, but it was still great to do such a guilt-free top up shop. Yummy local baby carrots! Strange the things that I think of as treats...

Anyhow, snowflakes were one of the more high-supervision things so we did that while still feeling unfrazzled from our walk. The scissors were a bit hard to handle going through that much paper, so I finished them off once the children were done taking little chunks out! I'm hoping to play at glittering them tomorrow.Then we put up decorations. :)
Is it just me who gets a laugh out of counting how many changes of clothes my girls get through in a day? It seems when I look back at each day in pictures, either hardly any of them involve the children because my little nudist babies didn't get dressed all day, or they involve at least two changes of outfit each. I KNEW there was a reason the washing piles rarely seem to diminish...


  1. Awww, lovely! I think your snowflakes are much better than my semi-drunken attempts - definitely some ideas for my future (most likely sober) attempts! Thanks for the inspiration. I really need to get round to getting a tree so I can then put up my decorations!

  2. lol good to know charlie isn't the only one happy to not do the whole getting dressed thing! its not uncommon here for rich to return from work and charlie to still be in her pjs!
    Also have to say I'm impressed with your snowflakes! Mine always look a bit rubbish, I think we cut too big chunks out or dont fold them enough!
    yay to christmassy houses though!!


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