11 December 2009

No title necessary!

The last picture of Morgan, aged two years and a lot.And the first picture of her age three. Jenna didn't quite get to her second birthday nursing, but as you can see Morgan made it to three! No benefits PAH, stupid people.Presents...The penguin, Baby, got a new rain coat and hat. He looks fabulously camp with the pink lining and shiny fabric!
Morgan: "Oh (tut) he gots his hat over his eyes!"
Jenna: "Don't worry Morgan, he'll grow into it!"We went to see Where the Wild Things are this morning and I was very surprised the girls loved it as much as they did. It was very melancholy, long, and over-serious. However they totally adored it, as they do their replacement copy of the book, and they are still howling and rumpus-ing now.Lastly, the cake. It is sugar free sponge, to make up for the sugar in the icing (!) and we will be eating it after Morgan's choice of birthday tea (Colcannon). We've had such a great day, and she has been such a delight the whole time. Every single thing has resulted in cries of, "Thankyou berry berry much! Me love it! Mine favorite!"


  1. Glad Morgan has had a good day and good to hear they enjoyed the film, we plan to take Tristan in the near future too!

    Congratulations on the three year mark too ;)


  2. Awww looks like a lovely day! :-)

    I can't wait for Rye to go to sleep tonight because my friend brought over his Yule and birthday gift that she picked up for me last year and I've not see n them yet myself!

    Happy birthday again Morgan :-) You looked gorgeous in the crown and cape :-)

  3. It has been lovely - Where the Wild Things are is REALLY not a children's film, I don't think I'd have taken under 8s to it if I'd realised they were going to be miserable and angsty all the way through, but the girls loved it anyway! Ooh how exciting Joxy, I LOVE doing presents for my babies. :)

    PS Thanks all, so much, for all of the lovely birthday wishes. Morgan feels most treasured!

  4. Awww, Happy 3rd birthday Morgan, looks like you've had a lovely day :-)

  5. I'm glad you all had a lovely day, and wish Morgan a very happy time being three. Yay for toddler breastfeeding! :)

  6. Happy Birthday to Morgan! Great presents ;o) Great looking cake!

    Cheers to you!!! And happy holidays!

  7. Happy birthday Mirgan, looks like you all enjoyed a great day.

  8. Huge happy birthday wishes to Morgan!

    Love Gina xx


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