21 December 2009

LEA visit - a vent

We have just (read JUST, during breakfast, with all the children semi-dressed for an outing and me nursing the baby and grit on the floor and toys everywhere) had our first contact with the LEA - IN MY LIVING ROOM! THE BLASTED CHEEKY WOMAN WAS IN MY LIVING ROOM!!

Yes, I have since informed well meaning hubby that they have no right of entry and that he could have asked her to write a letter.

The blasted cheek. "It's education welfare, I need to come in and have a word with you about Jenna." :o :o Grr...

Also, she told us that they "hear about these things in several ways" - what, so someone has reported us for homeschooling?? I nearly pressed her to reveal how she came to be visiting us, but on the whole it seemed wise to just get it over with and get her out asap. I only just decided NOT to engage with the LEA, precisely because of potential unwanted visits like this in the wake of the Badman review.

She is personal friends with Mr Badman, and resented my opposition to the recommendations (rather than being heartened that I'd heard of it and was actively involved with recognised homeschooling movements ie I was ACTUALLY educating otherwise rather than just not bothering). We were also read the riot act about if she found anything wrong (!) and school attendance orders (!) and her being there as an advocate for the children (!!!) so you will be quite proud of me for not throwing her out.

Or maybe that would have been a better way to go.

That tongue biting episode is over but apparently we WILL be getting a visit from a teacher to talk about appropriate provision and what we ought to be doing with Jenna at her age. Yeah right, if anyone else turns up without first having cleared it with me and demonstrated themselves considerably more pleasant than the first person, they will NOT be meeting my children. How DARE they?

They've disrupted our Yule preparations, turned up on a flippin School holiday ANYWAY, come in under false pretenses as far as I can see, not to mention how insulted I feel by the stupid inane conversation and the nodding and smiling at total misrepresentation of the legal facts... OK I pointed out the untruths once or twice but she just nodded earnestly and said, "I DO see what you're saying, and I agree, but you see, I have to be an advocate for the children"...

Right, that has ruined MY day. :(


  1. Oh that's awful!! I don't know how you just bit your tongue and nodded, you're a strong woman...

  2. I think you did really well not to throw her out. She has no right to just come into your home like that and upset your children.

  3. Ugh, sounds miserable hun! Least Martin knows for next time. They know how to get under your skin don't they? (hugs) x

  4. Grrrr I wouldn't have let her over the door step without an appointment and during the holidays! You did well not to ask her to leave - interfearing, nonsense spouting crap!!!! Huge hugs to you all and hope your day got better xx

  5. I'm still in shock that they dared to send someone out! I think if I hadn't been sitting there in total amazement at the gall of her arrival PLUS the things she was saying, I probably would have had the wits to ask her to leave... And out of term time too?!

    What on earth is going on in this country? I did manage to point out to her in a moment of clarity that abuse and neglect are NOT homeschooling issues, they are parenthood issues - and that if all parents of five year olds got a visit regardless of educational choices the entire nation would be up in arms.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a shock. How rude of them to turn up like that. I'm so glad you managed to get that very important point across, hhmmphh, I can really feel how intruded upon you must feel, it would have really upset me too, huge hugs.
    Love Gina xx

  7. Oh my word =S how dare she!but well done youfor coping, I am not a morning person, and probably would have made incoherent bubbling/screaming noises at her whilst desperately trying to clean littluns granola chucked on the floor.


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