15 December 2009

Post-weekend notes

Poorly little ones, and assorted quiet pictures... My baby, just snuggling and nursing away the day.
This ridiculous cat has found a new way to get in if I shut her out while I'm cooking!Morgan playing quietly on her own.Mince pies in the making.Jenna in her bunk bed, recovering in her own quiet way. The cat is asleep on her feet here, too.More Morgan! I love how she chats to herself all the time now. :) These dollies are having a birthday party "acause my birthday came here las week!"


  1. Oh dear, looks like illness all round, we've been a under the weather too. On the positive side, better now than Yule and Christmas!

  2. Hope you all feel better soon...

    We have mince pie filling simmering away today too!

  3. Hope everyone soon starts to feel better (((hugs))). Morgan is such a cutie, Charlie plays chatting away for ages on his own too lol.

    sue xx

  4. Hi! Owww, sorry to hear that the lurgies have hit the Clark household. I totally know how that feels, so I wish you all lots of love and a speedy recovery to those who need it. Thinking of you all.xxx

  5. LOL at the cat! My Cat always insists that cats are cleverer than their owners, so I'm sure he will like that! Wishing you all a speedy recovery. xx


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