30 June 2009

Morgan sings:

"Baa baa bwack eep,
yes sir, yes sir,
fwee bags full.
One for the dame anda ittw boy...
Baa baa bwack eep,
ONE TWO FWEE bags full!!"

I love it when she sings to Rowan. Her language has come on enough that you can tell what all of the songs are supposed to be, and her whole body belts out those words with love and passion - every song is a gift from her deepest soul! Watching them is incredible, the love they have for each other and the way they have picked up every gesture and expression of mine in caring for them!

They attachment-sibling each other!


  1. Aw. Thats so sweet.

    Reading about your girls is really helping me prepare for having two children. Can't wait for Phoebe and her brother or sister to have moments like this. :)


  2. Ahhhh how cute!

    Oh I have to tell you...Willow can say "Jenna" "Morgan" and "Baby Rowan"- I had your blog up the other day and she wandered up and went "who'saaa?" so i told her and she proceeded to point at the screen and say "Denna" "Mo'win" "baby Ro-Wo"

    So yeah, thanks for expanding Wills' vocabulary!


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